Kay Scott, ACSW, CASAC

"I brought my extremely reactive Aussie to work with Maryna. Under the best of circumstances, Tucker barely allows people to touch him. However, he quickly allowed Maryna to apply the 'holds'. Since then, I have supplemented the work with what I learned during the Kinaesthetics™ workshop and observe a more relaxed dog. He has almost stopped pacing - something he was doing incessantly before the sessions. I also see an increased tendency to 'think' himself through stressful situations rather than reacting at the slightest provocation." 

Kay Scott, ACSW, CASAC

Kathryn Connors, Certified Massage Therapist

"I took Kanga to see Maryna for a private session. Maryna corrected the shoulder injury, her gait, as well as her temperament. The night after attending her class with my other dogs was one of the most peaceful evenings I have spent with these three dogs. Kanga is now far softer and has been able to accept appropriate dominant gestures from Kait and Todd - without fighting. I can now feed all 3 dogs in the same room, and Kanga has begun to initate play with the other dogs without aggression."

Kathryn Connors, Certified Massage Therapist, New Paltz, NY

C.J. Puotinen, Author

"Thank you again for a most interesting session with Samantha, my black Lab. She has remained "untorqued" since you corrected her posture - still standing straight , not cockeyed."

C.J. Puotinen, author of Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats.

Jim and Judith Walter, Phoenix, AZ

Judith and AnyaLittle did we know, that Jan. 10, 2004, would be the first day of the rest of her life for Anya, our doberman. That was the day Maryna came into our lives. She was watching Anya move at a seminar and when she saw enough, she was introduced to us. We knew Anya had problems, she had an overly developed front end and underdeveloped rear quarters. When she walked, she was bunched in the middle of her spine. She had a tail that was never up, she had difficulty sitting, she never ran like other dogs, and tired quickly. The first thing Maryna did was work on the tail, and spine, and front end. She told us what to expect after the session and it went exactly as she told us. Two weeks later, we spent two days with Maryna working on Anya, and the changes were coming at a fast pace. With tail up, and a terrific Doberman prance, we not only have a great looking dog, but one that interacts so well with us and we owe it all to Maryna."

Jim and Judith Walter, Phoenix, AZ



Anne Paul, CEO and Director of Obedience Programs, The K9 Campus, New Jersey

Top performance after dog body workMaryna's work has definitely improved River's overall fitness, especially by relaxing and stretching his muscles and extending their range of motion, which are critical elements in preventing injury. She has an extraordinary way of working with a dog's body, mind, and heart. I believe that River says it best when he lays down and says, "Take me, I'm yours." He totally trusts her knowing, gentle handling, and I can always see how wonderful he feels when the session is over. My only regret is that Maryna does not live closer so that we could see her more often."

Anne Paul, CEO and Director of Obedience Programs, The K9 Campus, New Jersey, CH OTCH Kanduit's Fleuve de la Vie, UDX, NA, NAJ