Sample Curriculum - 3 Day Clinic

Below is a SAMPLE of a previous clinics curriculum:

Three Day Clinic

Day One:      

9:00 - 9:15  Introduction, Materials, Resources and House Rules

9:15   DogBodyCare (DBC) Troubleshooting Checklist (Where are we going and why.)

  1. Spine  (the zigzag puzzle) 
  2. Head  (the yes  movement)
  3. Neck  (the no movement) 
  4. Front leg (ear stretch) 
  5. Hind leg (fetal vs. confident) 
  6. Ribs  (play the piano) 
  7. Tail (more of the zigzag puzzle)

10:00 Handling skills – Safety, Behavioral Factors, Learning in Dialogue  (Setting the Foundation.)

  1. Tools
  2. Teaching a Conditioned Response/Markers
  3. The “Settle” command
  4. Give and Take, factors of dialogue

10:45 Break

11:00 Movement Evaluation (What are we looking at and why does it matter.)

  1. Planes of flexion: longitudinal, lateral, diagonal
  2. Arcs of movement
  3. Parity/symmetry
  4. Quiet Zones
  5. Compensatory patterns
  6. Behavioral parameters of movement

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch/Dog free time   Lunch provided

1:00 The Canine Kinaesthetics™  Protocol demo (The full 40 point protocol, with its landmarks.)

  1. Hand position, body position
  2. The count: Touch, pause, in, 2, 3, hold, 2, 3, out, 2, 3.
  3. The feedback game: pause on behaviors (all behaviors)
  4. The point of resistance
  5. The release

2:00  The Pressure Scale (How much is enough/too much or now we play with playdoh.)

  1. Finger position
  2. Pressures
  3. Blind touching
  4. The release

2:30  Canine Kinaesthetics™  The Map  – Session One  (Let your fingers do the walking.)

Hands on assisted exercise with students working in pairs to work on a dog of their choice, going all the way through the protocol. During this first session we will be working together piece at a time to begin to familiarize students’ hands with the landmarks, the rhythm, and the behavioral dialogue.  This is your first day in language class – the language of touch, just let your fingers do the walking.

4:00 - 4:15 Closure, Ahhas, Q and A