Sample Curriculum - 3 Day Clinic - Clinic - Day 3

Day Three: 

9:00   Check in/Feedback – Where are we at with our hands? Review pressure scale, rhythm of the touch, landmarks. Q and A’s.
9:30   Observation: Socialization Class - Focus on movement and movement/behavioral analysis.
10:30  Canine Kinaesthetics™ Practice Session  Session Five (Pick your challenge and focus on it.  Introduction of timing a session.)  This will be the first timed session with students working on an hour time clock.  Time will be called at 15" intervals.  Breathe everyone breathe.  We are there to help you.

11:30  Charting, Movement evaluation and Feedback to Session Five                         

12:00 - 1:00  Lunch and dog free time.   Lunch provided

1:00   Canine Kinaesthetics™ Practice Session   Session Six (Second timed session, dog of your choice, needn’t be a challenge.) Your second timed session, you will be left to your own devices for this session.  No coaching, unless you really get stuck.

2:00 - 2:15  Break

2:15 - 4:00  Canine Kinaesthetics™  Practice Session Session Seven (Relax and enjoy) Your last session, untimed.  Just allow yourself, your fingers and your dog to enjoy the journey.

4:00 - 4:30  Wrap Up

(It’s 5:00 somewhere......)